• Our company has developed a close and creative collaboration with TRIVIUMS apmācība. Our employees attend public courses organized by TRIVIUMS. TRIVIUMS has also developed and presented internal courses for groups of managers and employees. In recent years we have implemented a number of projects to develop management competencies.

    Over the years we have become convinced that TRIVIUMS really is a professional cooperation partner, characterized by high quality standards, undertaking exhaustive research of our needs and adapting programmes to the company’s requirements. They have the capacity to bring in inspiring and competent lecturers to present the training, as well as having creative and open communication. 

    We take great pleasure in collaborating with, and willingly recommend TRIVIUMS apmācība as a partner to others as well. 

    Inga Bukovska, Director, Human Resources Management and Administration, "Sadales tīkls" JSC

  • "Tieto Latvia' Ltd. has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība since 2010. We can confirm that our collaboration has been at a high level – with clear communication, intense research, and care in adapting programmes specifically to Tieto’s needs, with the capacity to find the best solutions. 

    The presenters are flexible and creative in their work, the content of all programmes is practical, and the knowledge and skills that training participants have acquired and extended can be immediately applied in their everyday work. 

    Overall, we consider TRIVIUMS apmācība to be a stable cooperation partner and we truly value the individual approach to the customer.

    Elmārs Gengers, Chairman of the Board and Maruta Locika, Managing Clerk, "Tieto Latvia" Ltd.

  • Our company has developed very successful collaboration with TRIVIUMS apmācība. The content of the instruction and training is adapted to our situation and the skills to be developed to the maximum degree. The internal logic of the provided services is outstanding, and helps employees develop to the maximum degree, developing their skills step by step, and receiving regular advice and feedback.

    This year too, taking into account our successful cooperation, we have chosen TRIVIUMS as a partner. We have continued our collaboration as we trust this company, its work and communication style, its openness to new ideas, its methods and its great capacity to delve deeply into our most important requirements.

    We have always experienced a positive attitude, an understanding of our needs and a readiness to adapt to them. Therefore, we can recommend TRIVIUMS as a professional, customer oriented cooperation partner.

    Laila Vīksna, Human Resources Manager, "Cido Grupa" Ltd.

  • "Cemex" Ltd. has established successful cooperation with the TRIVIUMS apmācība. Involvement, professionalism and the adaptation of programme content to the needs of the company – these could be the keywords to describe the work of the presenters and the training company. We will definitely continue our collaboration with TRIVIUMS as we receive high quality and great service.

    Linda Šedlere, Director, Human Resources, "Cemex" Ltd.

  • The State Revenue Service has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība since 2000. Through our collaboration we have successfully implemented a number of training projects for managers of SRS structural units and for specialists at various levels. The SRS highly values TRIVIUMS apmācība’s professional approach to its work and its ability to delve deeply into the specific needs of the institution, providing and successfully bringing about appropriate creative solutions. 

    Agita Miķelsone, Director, Department of Human Resource Management, "The State Revenue Service"

  • We have been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība for many years now, utilizing the training for developing the skills of our managers as well as employees. We are convinced of the quality of TRIVIUMS’ work. The services are provided professionally, accurately and with a high sense of responsibility.

    Sandra Lapiņa, Head of Administration, "The Republic of Latvia Supreme Court"

  • We have been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība since 2010. We have implemented a significant project in the establishment of sales standards and in employee training on sales and customer service issues. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and willingly recommend TRIVIUMS to others as well!

    Linda Mežs-Talapina, Member of the Board, "Latsign" Ltd.

  • The area of development is one of the most significant factors at work, or stated more accurately, in the environment created or provided by the employer. A person’s development is not just the learning of particular skills. It is a process, in which the person broadens his/her range of vision, gains new experience and also shares his/her own experience. 

    That’s why JSC "Latvenergo" always carefully chooses its cooperation partners for developing its employees. TRIVIUMS is one of our solid partners. Why has this developed? – I asked this of our employees, who have developed joint study programmes with TRIVIUMS presenters, or attended courses offered by TRIVIUMS themselves. The employees were united about one thing - TRIVIUMS is interested in providing a high quality service. 

    We have valued the fact that all nuances of the programme, as well as the interests and needs of participant are discussed in detail before corporate and individual training, and that practical activities and examples of situations, which are also analysed, are included. The presenters are accommodating, professional, knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. TRIVIUMS is valued as a professional cooperation partner, because the teaching is innovative and the range of teaching programmes offered - wide (for both managers as well as specialists), the rooms are comfortable and the technical equipment conforms to the demands of our employees. The atmosphere is always pleasant, creative and a positive attitude towards customers can always be felt.

    There’s the feeling that TRIVIUMS personnel put a little bit of their heart into every aspect of the job. 

    Inga Kola, Personnel Management Director, "Latvenergo" JSC

  • JSC "Latvijas valsts meži” has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība since 2005. We have chosen to have TRIVIUMS apmācība as our partner because:

    • we see a  professional and competent team,
    • we always meet with a flexible and individual approach,
    • interactive and creative training programmes are being developed and offered,
    • individual solutions are developed.

    Baiba Stakinova, Competence Manager, "Latvijas valsts meži" JSC

  • The company TRIVIUMS apmācība has become our friend over these many years of working together: we can turn to them every time when a new problem has appeared in our company or a difficult situation has developed where a view from outside and a helping hand is needed. We can always rely on the responsiveness of the people at TRIVIUMS: they will either help us see the best solution ourselves or "show" us the best way to achieve it. They are like a kind of band-aid at the right time and in the right place. 

    The ability to listen, collaborate with clients and a creative approach to the task have been the strengths of TRIVIUMS for many years. That is why TRIVIUMS has so many loyal clients.

    Let passion and enthusiasm continue to guide you in the future as well!

    Ilona Ķiete, Quality Director / Project Manager, "Būvkonsultants” Ltd.

  • The personnel at JSC "Elektroniskie sakari” is one of the greatest treasures of the company and therefore it is important to us to continually develop and perfect the competence and skills of our employees.  In this process, we have developed a successful collaboration with the TRIVIUMS apmācība training centre, which is open to challenges and changes and is always ready to offer the most suitable solutions to our changing needs and serve as an added value to each and every one of our employees. During our work together, we have had a chance to discover the high professionalism of the consultants of TRIVIUMS apmācība and their sense of responsibility. The work was done systematically and according to plan, solving the immediate problems as we went along.

    We are grateful to TRIVIUMS apmācība for their understanding and professionalism.

    Pēteris Ontužāns, Board Member, „Elektroniskie sakari” JSC

  • "ELKO Group" JSC has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS apmācība since 2011. We can highly recommend working with TRIVIUMS apmācība, because it carefully studies the situation and wishes of their client, can always find the best solutions and help our employees perfect their  skills and abilities to achieve the set goals.

    Sven Dinsdorf, Chief Financial Officer and Jānis Casno, Chief Executive Officer, "ELKO Group" JSC

  • Within the framework of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association LIKTA training project, which we have been implementing due to support of the European Social Fund, we have developed a successful collaboration with TRIVIUMS apmācība and both we and our partners have nothing but praise for this company, both because of their employees and the quality of the training courses.

    Inese Krilova, Deputy Managing Director, "LIKTA"

  • A friendly, positive and competent team that is ready to provide support to a variety of tastes, desires and demands. Clients' issues are resolved with a critical mind, objectively and professionally. TRIVIUMS is always quick to respond to "signals" from clients. It is a team that can be trusted.

    Dace Bērziņa, Manager, "Datakom" Ltd.

  • The teaching at TRIVIUMS differs from other teaching centres in:

    • the ability to be sensitive to customer needs, adapting to them and developing the most suitable teaching programme;
    • presenters, who work as professionals at the highest level and are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience;
    • a very positive, open and easy collaboration on a day to day basis. 

    With TRIVIUMS’ teaching, anything is possible. In working on a variety of teaching programmes, I’ve never heard that something couldn’t be achieved. Wonderful! The greatest satisfaction comes when, employees aren’t saying “enough” after extensive training, but instead are asking when the next training will be!

    I am happy to recommend TRIVIUMS teaching to others, as it’s a very good teaching company.

    Iveta Lāce, Personnel Project Manager, "Evolution Latvia" Ltd.

  • Our collaboration with TRIVIUMS has been very creative right from the beginning and has yielded good results. They always have an individualized and accommodating attitude, as well as the best presenters, and we wish to continue cooperating with them. Great lasting value in the long-term – both in terms of the learning process, as well as the content!

    Diāna Jansone, Finance/HR Officer, "British Embassy Riga"

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