Masterclass: How to Overcome NO?

Do you work with customers every day?

Do you get objections or refusals on occasion? 

Would you like to feel more confident, without fear of objections? 

Would you like the sales process to give you pleasure and satisfaction? 

Are you prepared to go outside your comfort zone to achieve this?

If you can provide a clear YES! to these questions, attending this masterclass will be worthwhile!

The “How to overcome NO” masterclass – everything about overcoming customer objections. Participants will gain new options and techniques, as well as search for specific solutions for every pressing situation and need.

Target audience:

  • people who work with corporate or individual customers on an everyday basis;
  • people who work with VIP customers;
  • people who attract new customers.

Programme topics:

  • Why customers object;
  • How a person him/herself induces objections;
  • Universals algorithm for working with objections;
  • Removing objections which a customer might have;
  • Telephone discussions with a customer – how to get past the first objection;
  • Programming discussions;
  • The typology of customer objections;
  • How to work with the objection “I don’t want to change anything”;
  • Customer resistance to the cost;
  • My resistance to the cost;
  • How to work with the customer objection “Too costly”.

Venue: TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts, coffee breaks and lunch.

For company training, the programme can be adapted for the specifics and needs of the company.

Participants’ comments about Fight Club and Pāvels Hafizovs:

  • A lot of specific examples and explanations about real life situations, which reveal a way of overcoming the specific objection. Very broad and detailed nuances about sales work. In actual fact, everything which was talked about was very important. 
  • I gained new ideas about how to manage negotiations with customers, overcome objections and how to increase the opportunity of getting the desired result from the customer.
  • I work in telephone sales and the provided suggestions gave good results. Results improved for everyone in the group. 
  • Pāvels – a ball of energy, an idea genius. He transformed everything difficult into the simple, always made you think about things which hadn’t come to mind. He teaches in a way which is not just pleasant, but which also remains and works! It helped in my career development, as well as for achieving results in a better way, faster and more productively. The ideas were useful not just in everyday work, but also outside of work.  
  • It’s a real advantage that Pāvels works in sales every day. It’s not just the theory that we’ve become used to hearing at training, or reading in books. It is a true sharing of his own personal experience.
  • For me personally, Fight Club has really helped in both my work and my private life. Now selling and argumentation is like a way of life. If a customer agrees immediately, it almost becomes boring.
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