Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Target audience: Anyone who wants to acquire the skills of public speaking. 

Aim of the course: To teach the participants public speaking and presentation in order to establish a connection with the audience, hold its attention, and convince it.


  • New understanding of one's own voice as expressive of one's personality;
  • Knowledge of forming sounds and possibilities of perfecting articulation;
  • Understanding of the significance of overall energy of the body and its expression during the talk (in gestures, pitch, melody and rhythm of phrasing);
  • Refreshed knowledge of Latvian pronunciation;
  • Ability to evaluate the psychological type of the conversation partner by the words she or he uses;
  • The skill of adapting one's talk to the peculiarities of the perception of the partner;
  • Knowledge about structuring one's speech; the use of examples, comparisons, and quotations;
  • Ability to use various techniques of argumentation;
  • Ability to judge the questions and structure one's answers accordingly.

Duration: 3 days, 12 hours (3 x 4 hours).

Lectures, homework, practical exercises.

The skills of public speaking of each participant will be tested in order to attain the maximum level possible. The course is supplemented by practical sessions (speech training, recording in a studio, video), during which the participants will evaluate their achievements, analyze the mistakes, and receive practical advice. At the close of the course, each participant will receive an individual video with the recording of his/her presentation.


Session 1

  • Introduction. Evaluation of participants' performance skills;
  • Gesture and its significance during the presentation. Body language;
  • Recommendations for language improvement;
  • Articulation of sounds. The significance of good articulation. Practical exercises;
  • Warm-up of the speech apparatus. Practical exercises;
  • Intonation differences between a spoken and read presentation;
  • Read speech. Content analysis of the text (logical accents, pronunciation; attached, interjected, dependent etc. phrases);
  • Different kinds of performance. How to prepare, what is important during the presentation.

Session 2

  • How to be precise in expressing oneself. How to listen;
  • A free, improvised performance. Public thinking, ability to improvise, visualise, think in images. Practical exercises;
  • How to answer questions;
  • Argumentation techniques. How to conquer and neutralise the audience. Correct and incorrect argumentation. Practical exercises.

Studio recording

Session 3

  • Analysis of the studio recording;
  • Speech tactics depending on the audience. People's types, perception. Choice of words, taking into account the psychological type of the conversation partner; 
  • Performance (video recording). Analysis of the performance;
  • Conclusions. Practical advice and recommendations.

TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts and coffee breaks.

This course can be organized as corporate training, adapting the programme to the specific needs of your business.

Are there questions? Contact us
  • Main conclusions from the training or 3 things you will definitely use from now on:

    • The skill to evaluate the questioner and the question, to identify and react to a loaded question. To think about eye contact with the audience, to gestures. Thanks to Ruta.
    • A fan-like greeting with the eyes. To ensure that everyone can see the presentation. Drawing in the audience with an object. 
    • Useful material for distribution, I will practice on my voice in future, I know my mistakes and will work on them.
    • Knowing how to prepare myself before a presentation. To not be afraid of using the language of gestures. In future, not to repeat the mistakes which I only found out about at the courses. 
    • To speak of the positive. To continue to aim high. To do my work during a public presentation. 
    • To be aware that you are not being judged when you present – not to be afraid. Correct pronunciation and the significance of posture/movements/gestures.
    • The task with which to practice visualization. How to start and finish a presentation so that it remains in the memory. The language of gestures.

    What did you like best in this seminar?

    • The presenter’s wisdom. Her ability to reason logically on all the questions was admirable. And how she can speak in 1,000 voices. How she can point out mistakes and inspire one to use the acquired knowledge in future. 
    • Happy about the knowledge gained on gestures, the exercises and good suggestions to use in the future when presenting. I liked the presenter.
    • I have gained a lot. I just have to study hard on this and practice. 
    • Everything  as it’s all possible and required for use in one’s daily life.
    • Every minute was valuable. A sincere thank you to the presenter!
    • I was really able to understand what I need to work on and the presenter explained how this can be done. 
    • As opposed to other courses on a similar topic, this time there was more on how one’s idea should be expressed or presented. It was very valuable for me.
    • Absolutely everything! A huge thanks! Every opportunity I’ve had to attend Triviums’ training sessions, they’ve always been of a high quality and very useful. Once again, thank you!
    • The training course was extremely interesting and the lecturer was colossal (competent and relaxed etc.) It’s hard to even put into words what a high quality course this was. 
    • The lecturer has a wonderful personality and a broad knowledge of the particular area. One has to think about her suggestions and instructions which were all presented with great tact. In discussing the lecturer’s knowledge – it felt like you were standing near a deep well with just a bucket of water [knowledge] drawn from it, and that the well contained much more. It was like a good starting point for further development.
    • I was surprised by it all – up till now I’d thought that these kinds of courses weren’t meant for me, but in fact everybody needs them. 
    • Analysis of errors, the ability to ask questions correctly and to know how to answer them properly, radio recording.
    • The fact that I was forced to go outside my comfort zone!
    • I liked how R. Vītiņa worked with us – all respect to her enthusiasm and her skill in holding our attention for many hours in a row. Thank you!
    • I liked the examples, real situations. It was good that there was an opportunity to see myself from the sidelines. The course is absorbing and interesting.
    • I liked the information received – required knowledge if I have to present a public talk. Despite the fact that the moment of filming and recording seemed unpleasant – it will be valuable information for later self-analysis, for avoiding mistakes in the future. 
    • The practical speech at the radio studio and the presentation. Exercises in speaking quickly. Examples from life, which illustrated what was told to us very well. 
    • The charisma and attitude of the presenter. It made the whole process very interesting.

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