Small Talk: the Key to Your Success ©

To locate new contacts and clients and reinforce links to the existing ones, sometimes one needs to simply be able to engage in small talk. The skill of small talk is an integral part of business communication. Learning communication techniques, you will learn to listen actively, to relax, form positive relationships, "build" conversations as well as not talk when you shouldn't and not discuss what you shouldn't discuss, as well as generate positive emotions in this process.

The ability to conduct a conversation in formal and informal settings will help you both have business success and enhance your image. 

This interactive seminar will teach you:

  • How to introduce yourself if there is no one to introduce you;
  • How to begin, maintain and end conversations;
  • How to make yourself at home both at a small business lunch and a conference of 100 participants;
  • How to conduct a conversation in a formal and informal setting;
  • How to be a pleasant and attractive conversation partner;
  • How to find "your story“.


  • Knowledge of small talk techniques and the ability to use them;
  • Ability to overcome communication barriers in a business encounter;
  • Ability to form a better relationship both in a formal and informal setting;
  • A time well and enjoyably spent.

Duration: 1 day, 4 hours.

Interactive training - mini-lecture, discussions, group work, role plays, modelling recognizable situations.


1. What is the deeper meaning of small talk?

2. Practical lessons – situation modelling – by subject matter:

  • What helps one to relax;
  • How to meet people at a big function;
  • How to join a conversation;
  • How to begin a conversation if you have not been introduced;
  • How to continue the conversation successfully;
  • How to listen to the conversation partner;
  • What to ask and what not to ask;
  • How to get charged yourself and radiate energy;
  • What your image is and how to develop it in a positive way;
  • The effect of stories.

3. Conclusion. A chance to use newly developed skills.

TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts and coffee breaks.

For company training, the programme can be adapted for the specifics and needs of the company.

Next available course 18. May
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  • Main conclusions from the training or 3 things you will definitely use from now on:

    • Inner freedom, confidence and openness.
    • The business card. Introducing two people to each other. “Yes, and more ...”.
    • Finding a good reason to conclude, so that it’s with aplomb. Trying to accurately read off how someone else’s mood. A balanced handshake.
    • To accept compliments. To perfect the handshake. Not to use negativism/negation in discussions.
    • The anthropological explanation for Small Talk. The aim of Small Talk.
    • Accepting compliments. That silence is acceptable. To talk about oneself as well during discussions.
    • Structure the existing Small Talk technique as it should be. Phrases for getting acquainted. Everyone wants someone to talk to them.
    • Set a goal. Take initiative in starting a conversation. Construction of the conversation.
    • 99% of people feel as uncomfortable as I do.  Prepare 2 sentences about oneself. These are not small but big conversations.
    • Small Talk is like a trip in a lift – a very brief opportunity to achieve what you want. It’s important not to let it slip.

    What did you like best in this seminar?

    • Wonderful presenter and invited actor, a very responsive course group.
    • I liked everything.
    • An easy-going and congenial atmosphere. A lot of pleasant, positive knowledge.
    • The competence of the trainer and the sharing of more than expected. Accurate, corrective feedback.
    • A great leadership style, involved the audience wonderfully.
    • Practical activities in pairs. The fact that an outside person was invited (J. Rijnieks). Z. Daudziņa’s positive encouraging attitude.
    • The course dynamic, the opportunity to try introductions in a practical way. The invited lecturer. The awareness that everything with you is OK!
    • The most wonderful, packed training of the past year. Four hours full of content. 
    • Enthusiasm of the teacher and the subject matter.
    • More of this. Practical activities help one to relax and get to know a person better. Helped in getting used to awkward situations and how to get out of them quicker :)
    • Zane’s openness and modesty, the way to pass on valuable information. A surprise – Juris, super.
    • The presenter – was able to balance in an outstanding way between different wishes, knowledge.
    • Thanks to the teacher for a dynamic presentation, I liked it very much. Delicious coffee and pastries: that is of importance as well =)