5 questions for Dace Bole

5 questions for Dace Bole

1. What are you?

I am a person who tries to fill their life with peace, happiness, thankfulness, satisfaction, good works and thoughts, and development. I also try to be a good friend and support for my family.

2. A book that you would recommend others to read – why?

I am a lover of biographies, as they include both history and geography, as well as love, business and leadership…, but at the same time they are the stories of real people. That's why my recommendation is also from this genre. Shoe Dog about the founder of Nike. For me, it was a story about how a person transformed his hobby into a brand, how life is influenced by “matters of chance”, how it is to encounter prosperity after poverty, how it is to finally gain recognition, and that belief was still at the foundation of everything.

3. TEDx talk, which you recommend watching – why?

I haven't listened to TEDx talks often enough to recommend any.

4. What inspires you and gives you energy?

I'm charged up by everything which I do with joy, and which provides satisfaction to me. I do several things with joy – I study, share my competence, play golf, read books, knit, travel, ski – and I try to continue adding to this list, so that life is meaningful and pleasantly captivating.

5. Why are you interested in the growth of employees?

This interests me because I believe that by striving for the growth of employees, we are not only able to achieve higher business goals and tasks, but we also provide each employee the opportunity to enjoy their contribution, release their creative potential, facilitate their personal growth and create an environment in which the employee feels appreciated and satisfied about what has been achieved.

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