5 questions for Evita Štrauss

5 questions for Evita Štrauss

1. What are you?

The roles which we all have are many – I am a Latvian, a daughter, a wife, a mother to a son and to an especially loving female dog, a sister, a girlfriend, a student, a lecturer, a team member… I could go on. But I have to admit, that I am a searcher, I continue to search for what I really am, and have concluded that there is more and more to uncover.  

Professionally, I work in the business development field, developing products and new business directions and taking care of brand development. 

2. A book that you would recommend others to read – why?

Recently, I've been reading mainly academic publications about marketing, though I would sincerely recommend flicking through the pages of the well-known book by Ziedonis Epifānijas [Epiphanies] every so often, which makes you stop for a moment, to listen in, evaluate everyday trifles, and return to basic values. At times, while reading this book, I want to take some statement for myself, reflect on it, and then continue to read this book later.

3. TEDx talk, which you recommend watching – why?

As an alternative to TEDx talks, Steve Job’s story about the journey to position the Apple brand continues to be inspiring. A thoroughly thought-out job has been invested in such a seemingly simple approach, precise and powerful, seeking answers to the question of existence - WHY?

I invite you to listen to the original, now a story from the previous century about the Apple Think different position and mission to change the world, which is a wonderful confirmation of the fact that differentiation and values are the core of brand positioning and continue to be. 

4. What inspires you and gives you energy

I am inspired by freedom. The most beautiful works of art, music and people come with a feeling of freedom. The presence of freedom provides courage, opportunity and truth. And freedom is the freedom from fear.

Energy is most frequently provided by the people who are close to me, satisfaction about big and small successes professionally and in my personal life, travelling, walks along the beach and a feeling of peace. 

5. Why are you interested in brand positioning and export?

Brand positioning is the object of my research and has been part of my professional field for many years now. Brand positioning is seemingly a specific component in the framework of business activities, but I have become more and more convinced that brand positioning has a huge influence on business development in the long term, which, obviously reflects on a company’s value and financial indicators.

Brand positioning is a continual process and is at the foundation of business strategy. We can allow a brand to take its place without particularly focusing on positioning, and to later analyse the brand from various viewpoints and in retrospect, or to choose to lead it instead, constantly establishing one’s place in the market and consciously in the hearts and minds of consumers. The second approach provides greater perspectives for the future. Specifically, with its influence on business development – brand positioning is a very important topic for me, and I willingly share the knowledge that I have accumulated. 

Export is interesting for any company which has ambitions to grow, and export potential is closely linked with brand positioning – whether the brand is easily perceptible, or whether the brand has unique advantages, or whether it is sufficiently innovative and captivating for the world. International competition is a great thermometer for being sure whether the company has done its homework in the research of the market and the target audience, and whether the brand will create stable customer involvement and loyalty outside of Latvia as well.

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