5 questions for Krista Vāvere

5 questions for Krista Vāvere

1. What are you?
A person who is trying to find the answer to this question every day.  

2. A book that you would recommend others to read – why? 
Thich Nhat Hanh’s book The Art of Living is important for anyone who is thinking about how they would like to live, and aware that the way we live this day, is the way that we live our life. The book is about how to survive pain and suffering. For me, it serves as a powerful reminder of how important it is to not to be pre-occupied, and how important it is to stop yourself from hurrying and succumbing to the pressure to live fast. 

3. TEDx talk, which one do you recommend watching – why?  
I recommend Dave Isay’s talk Everyone Around You has a Story the World Needs to Hear. It is important for everyone to speak and to be heard, but many of those around us live unheard and many of life's great stories remain within us unexpressed. When we finally tell them and someone is ready to listen to them, it has an enormous impact. 

4. What inspires you and gives you energy? 
Silence. Forest. Light. When I see how people change, overcoming the fear to express themselves publicly.   

5. Why are you interested in talks?  
To live means to express your essence in a direct and figurative sense. Overcoming the fear to say what we really think, we come closer to our essence. Therefore, what we say and how, it is not just the content, it is our attitude towards our life and others. And in addition - to speak means to assume responsibility. Words have consequences. We have to be aware of this every time we open our mouths to say something. Both reasons make speaking the most important means of expression, and this is enough for me to be interested in it. 

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