5 questions for Maija Āboliņa-Tomsone

5 questions for Maija Āboliņa-Tomsone

1. What are you?

An impulse.

2. A book that you would recommend others to read – why?

A Life on Our Planet, a book written by an outstanding researcher in the field of nature, Sir David Attenborough. This is a wonderful book which he wrote at the age of 94 years. A book which looks back on his unusual and very inspiring life, and simultaneously reveals how much the activities of humans have affected the processes of nature and how nature has changed during his lifetime. And, what we should do to escape a climate catastrophe.

A book which is rich in wonderful learning and food for thought for us, humans.

3. TEDx talk, which you recommend watching – why?

Sir Ken Robinson’s ''Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

As this is a topic I often think about in my everyday life. How to stimulate creativity, how not to stifle or criticize it, to celebrate diversity in forms of creativity. How to introduce completely new forms of development through creativity. How to teach the skills that are required in the future at schools. Especially, when the future is so elusive and unpredictable.

Creativity is needed today to create a completely new way of manufacturing and consuming things. Creativity is required to overcome the climate crisis and to allow the world to breathe again.

4. What inspires you and gives you energy?

To be in nature. To be in silence. To be in motion. 

The unknown. Improvisation. The moment. 

People. Stories.

5. Why are you interested in sustainability?

Here I will tell you a story about what I experienced at the Lampa Talkfest. One of the learnings which was frequently discussed at this year's festival: "We need to teach young people now in schools, to think and live sustainably. We need to educate them on climate change issues. They are our hope!"

The younger generation is calling out to us: "Oldies, by the time we take charge, it'll be too late!"

But the little ones are listening, looking and thinking: "Mum, why do I have to save the world that you have destroyed..?"

That climate change will only affect our children is rubbish. In reality – it is affecting me and you today already. And we are paying for it already today – with our wallets. We must search for ways of reducing the negative changes already today, how to adapt our business activities to the rapidly changing geopolitical circumstances, how to find new opportunities and solutions, how not only to preserve, but also allow the world in which we live to renew itself and flourish.

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