5 questions for Olga Dzene

5 questions for Olga Dzene

1.  What are you?

An expert, a woman and a mother.

2.  A book that you would recommend others to read – why?

Body language. Allan and Barbara Pease.

Why? Because we know so little about the real content that people communicate. Words can lie, but the body cannot. And it is so captivating to reveal and read off the real message from a person.

3. TEDx talk, which one do you recommend watching – why?

A woman who appeared, had worked in hospices for many years, with people in the final stages of passing away, and her mission was to make things easier for these people in their final days. I listened and cried, because she didn't become hard and thick-skinned working there, but on the contrary, she was so open, so spiritually exposed, so empathic… I had not seen people like this previously. Empathy and compassion are really missing in the business environment. We can learn this from her…

4. What inspires you and gives you energy?

Other people give and take energy from me. They give much more than they take. My profession inspires me, the work which I do – people’s development. I am fascinated by relationships, love, mutual understanding and support. When I am feeling really bad and completely emptied out, my ginger cat comes up to me, looks me in the eyes and lies down purring next to me. Five minutes later, I am a different person. Beauty gives me positive energy, when I care for myself, when I respect myself, when I spoil myself with jewellery and beautiful dresses. I cannot imagine a full life without travel, and I come to life again, renew myself, clear my mind and enjoy life.

5.  Why are you interested in coaching?

Coaching is a very humanistic, person-oriented method, which gives fantastic results in personal development. Coaching brings out the creative potential in a person and increases their capacity to develop manifold. One of the principles in coaching philosophy is – all people are OK! That really speaks to me.

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