Employee Growth= Business Growth

Employee Growth= Business Growth

What is your hobby?

What is your favorite food?

A present which you have given someone recently?

In posing these three questions, even to just two people, the responses will most likely differ. Even if the answer to the question “What is your hobby?” was to be - hiking, then one may like hikes in the forest, while the other, hikes along the beach.

These were questions, to which answers were provided by Dace Bole’s planned course “Employee Growth. A Values Oriented Personnel Management Method" DEMO event participants. The responses were so diverseSimilarly, the people who took part in the event were also varied, of differing ages and representing various professions, but we were all united by TRIVIUMS.

It would be the same at the company where you are working. Every employee is unique.  What motivates one, does not motivate another.  Each has their own interests, desires, and above all, their own individual values. Values are things which change over time. If joint work events are a motivation on commencing a work relationship, then as time passes, this could change to additional holidays, for example, on a birthday, so that one has an opportunity to spend it together with one’s family.

A manager's challenge is to balance a company’s strategic goals and tasks with employee growth or the mental well-being of employees.

Well-being is characterized by employees’ motivation to work and to feel happy at work, which, in turn, facilitates employee growth, which is feeling good, functioning effectively and outstanding work performance.

The goal of values-oriented personnel management is the facilitation of employee growth in the long term. It is a scientifically based method. It has been estimated that a lack of respect for values costs more than investment in values management.

It may sound time-consuming and complex, but this is not the case. Dace Bole is a personnel management expert with 20 years of practical experience. She is the author of a Values Oriented Personnel Management System Method, and applies this in practice, confirming its positive influence and results in this way. Dace Bole encourages people, saying: "As soon as the method is introduced, it is easy to maintain".

With this Values Oriented Personnel Management Method, you will gain “prospering” employees – who are motivated, efficient and happy, and will be interested in doing more and even more. These kinds of employees facilitate the growth of a business, which is important for the whole team, especially its manager.