Strength in Diversity

Strength in Diversity

The more diverse the work team is, the greater the chance that the business will improve the effectiveness of its work and achieve company goals.

Diversity in personnel is important from both an ethical perspective as well as from results. It is worth Thinking about this in selecting, integrating and developing one’s employees.

Diversity management is an organizational management approach that uses diversity and differences in employees for their potential. The most important benefits from diversity management are employee motivation and a company's ability to find more creative and effective solutions through pooling the competencies of a variety of employees.  Diversity is a resource that allows for a better understanding of one's customers and for business growth. It is an opportunity to transform differences into growth opportunities for a company. 

The five most important advantages that have been proven and confirmed in several surveys and the practices of organizations:

  1. Financial results (profit and other indicators). McKinsey research reveals much about this aspect.
  2. Employee involvement, motivation, loyalty and a wider range of potential employees.
  3. Customer satisfaction, as a variety of employees will be able to understand the needs of different customers and develop the corresponding products more successfully.
  4. Innovations. Different ways of thinking are gained from exposure to wider experience, and influence an idea’s originality.
  5. An organization's reputation and a powerful organizational culture.

Organizations which facilitate and care for employee and management diversity (age, gender, culture, physical features and other aspects) gain real advantages which strengthen the organization's sustainability. An increasing number of surveys show that being a sustainable organization pays off. It should be noted that the concept of sustainability stretches a lot further than an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The concept of sustainability should also be taken into account in manufacturing processes, in the choice of resources for manufacturing and in choosing suppliers. This has become particularly important in personnel management - in how a company cares for its employees’ inclusion into a team and their development.

Many of our customers have already understood the importance of diversity among personnel, and have, therefore, moved forward in their understanding of diversity management, by organizing Managing diversity – future potential corporate course.

We share some of the conclusions and ideas gained in the course which participants will apply in their everyday work in the future.

  • One must start with oneself. Empathy and a real interest in the employee – this is the key to success. Don't be afraid to admit your shortcomings in front of your subordinates.
  • Stop and identify stereotypes. Recognize and nip discrimination in the bud. There is a need for self-analysis.
  • Stereotypes should be reduced. Individuality should be respected. Minuses can be transformed into pluses by supplementing your work with contributions from colleagues.
  • Diversity facilitates good things. Discrimination should be forbidden as a good employee could possibly be lost in this way. My strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be aware of discrimination. Improve your attitude towards diversity in the team and company. Diversity can also be an advantage for a business.