Contemporary Business Etiquette in a Real and Virtual Environment

Almost all of us have been left puzzled in some situation in life, about the manners, behaviour, conduct or attire of those around us. It is important to be aware that success and well-being in our personal and professional lives is directly dependent on what kind of impression we create about ourselves and how well we know the unwritten laws of good behaviour. 

Furthermore, etiquette changes as well with a change in attitudes within society. Something which may have seemed self-evident and unquestionable for our grandparents is no longer acceptable to our children. In this workshop, we will clarify important aspects of public and private life, which are inseparably connected with a knowledge of etiquette:

  • the golden rules of contemporary business attire;
  • how to behave at various events (lunch with colleagues, the cinema, dinner with friends, attending concerts, business meetings and participation at conferences);
  • etiquette in telephone communication. Do boundaries exit between work and private communication?
  • net-etiquette or internet etiquette – e-mail and other types of communication in a virtual environment;
  • courtesy, security and differences in opinion on social networks.

The workshop is presented by Kristīna Sprūdža, business etiquette, communications, event organization and protocol expert with more than 15 years’ experience. Kristīna attained her MBA in the USA, and her Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. Kristīna’s work experience encompasses a broad range of work within the private and state sectors in Latvia, America and Europe. She has been an Adviser to the Latvian President on public relations issues, an Adviser to the Ministry of Defence and was on the Rīga NATO Summit Organizing Committee. She was also employed at the Secretariat-General of the European Commission and the Republic of Latvia’s Saeima Protocol Division. Kristīna has been awarded a state honour - the Cross of Recognition, as well as a number of awards and medals.

3 hours

Venue: TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fee includes coffee break.

For company training, the programme can be adapted for the specifics and needs of the company.

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