Developing Management Skills (e-course)

This is an e-course for managers who wish to continue their development and wish to choose the most convenient time and place to increase their knowledge.

During the course, you will gain information about the latest trends in leadership and management instruments. You will also receive support in practising various management tools at your company and gain new ideas through exchanging your experiences with other professionals.

If you are searching for answers to questions instead of waiting for someone to entertain you, this is the course for you!

The programme includes:

  • current knowledge about contemporary management work instruments
  • support for practising management tools at your company 
  • new ideas through exchanging experiences with other management professionals

Work format: The course is six weeks long, with each week dedicated to a particular topic. Each topic is illustrated by a video and the views of various management experts. There will also be interesting articles and a place for discussion. Each topic concludes with the course presenter’s feedback in video form.   

Programme topics: 

  1. What is a good manager in the 21st century?
  2. Setting goals.
  3. Motivation and motivating.
  4. Effective communication in a manager’s work.
  5. Change management.
  6. A manager’s self-care. How can burnout be avoided?

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