LEAN Services in Management

14. May

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The LEAN methodology is well-known and used widely around the world for improving the efficiency of company processes. With good results, it is customarily used in manufacturing companies, but rarely or never in the services’ sphere or office environment. The office too can be considered a “manufacturer” in reality, as information is manufactured there; and because added value cannot, specifically, be visually identified, inefficiency is encountered here more often than in manufacturing companies.

In this intensive and very practical course, participants gain basic knowledge about the LEAN methodology, which will assist in evaluating and increasing efficiency in non-manufacturing processes.

During the course, participants will have an opportunity to evaluate a process that they have chosen themselves, prepare an action plan for its introduction, as well as receive feedback and recommendations from an experienced presenter and other colleagues.

Aim: To gain practical tools in evaluating and improving the efficiency of processes. 


  • Knowing about opportunities for using the LEAN methodology in the provision of services and the office environment.
  • Practical tools for the evaluation of processes.
  • A specific action plan and solutions for processes evaluated by participants.

Duration of the course: 1 day, 6 hours

Work format: 

Prior to the training, a survey of participants and their direct supervisors are undertaken with the goal of ascertaining actual needs and expectations.

 During the work - mini-lectures, examples, discussions, a situation analysis, practical exercises and evaluation of a real process, and the development of an action plan.

 Post-training – feedback and recommendations for improving the process. 

Target audience: Managers of structural units and other company employees who manage or are involved in processes in the services-provision sphere or office environment.

Programme topics:

  1. Value to the customer.
  2. The value stream in processes.
  3. LEAN basic principles.
  4. How to identify inefficiency.
  5. Tools and minimising activity loss.
  6. Creating an action plan.
  7. KAIZEN – continual improvement – What is it? How can it be introduced and maintained?

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