Managing diversity – future potential

Managing diversity is an approach in company/organizational management which utilizes employee diversity and differences as potential. The most important benefits of managing diversity are employee motivation and a company’s capacity to find more creative and effective solutions, by pooling the competences of various employees. It is an opportunity to transform differences into a company’s growth opportunities.

The more diverse the company’s workgroup, the greater the opportunities for this company to improve its work effectiveness to achieve the company’s goals.

Main topics:

  • Workforce diversity
  • The influence of diversity on a team’s operations, customer satisfaction and business results
  • Stereotypes and thinking
  • Gender and age stereotypes – identification and analysis
  • The influence of stereotypes on a manager’s decisions about personnel
  • Discrimination within organizations
  • Inclusive leadership – what type of leader can successfully manage diverse people?

Course duration: 4 - 6 hours

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