Sales and Negotiations Training Fight Club© (H2H Sales)

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“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. Understanding emerges through activities.” /Albert Einstein/

What is Fight Club?

  • Long-term sales skills training which transforms knowledge into skills.
  • The opportunity to select the most pressing theme.
  • Individual work with lecture participants.
  • Regular renewal of skills which won’t allow specialists to stop in their path of development.
  • Motivation of sales teams. 

The Fight Club format is a series of activities where the greatest emphasis is placed on practicing sales and negotiation skills (60% of the activities consist of practical work). Each activity has its theme, but during these, there will also be an opportunity to discuss and find a solution to situations which are important to each of the participants at the particular time.

Target audience: 

  • sales specialists, who work with corporate and private customers on an everyday basis;
  • sales specialists, who work with VIP customers;
  • sales specialists, who attract new customers.


Customer’s objections:

  • Why customers object?
  • How people create objections themselves?
  • A universal algorithm for working with objections.
  • Removing a customer’s emerging objection.
  • Telephone conversation with the customer – how to overcome the first objection.
  • Formulating the goal of a telephone conversation.

Customer’s excuses:

  • How to distinguish an objection from an excuse?
  • Why do customers use excuses?
  • Working with customer excuses – an algorithm.

Compliments to the customer:

  • How do you express a compliment to a customer correctly?
  • A compliment – a tool for working with objections.
  • Complimenting techniques.

Questioning techniques:

  • Open questions – their importance and application.
  • Closed questions - their importance and application.
  • Counter-questions - their importance and application.
  • Interpretative questions - their importance and application.
  • Seizing the initiative during the negotiation.

Negotiation blockers:

  • Types of blocking.
  • How to get past a blocker during a telephone conversation?
  • How to identify the DM (decision-maker)?

Negotiation structure:

  • How and when does a customer make the decision to buy?
  • Structure of the negotiation up until the decision is made.
  • Understanding how much the customer is prepared to pay for the transaction?
  • Programming the discussion.
  • The typology of customer objections.
  • How to work with the objection “Don’t want to change anything”?

Negotiation with the customer about the cost:

  • The customer’s resistance to the cost.
  • My resistance to the cost.
  • How to work with the customer’s objection “Rather expensive”?

Emotional stability during complex negotiations:

  • The customer’s emotional resistance and techniques to neutralize it
  • Objections about bitter experience and their neutralization
  • A salesperson’s emotional intelligence

Venue: TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

For company training, the programme can be adapted to the specifics and needs of the company.

Participants’ comments about Fight Club and Pāvels Hafizovs:

  • A lot of specific examples and explanations about real life situations, which reveal a way of overcoming the specific objection. Very broad and detailed nuances about sales work. In actual fact, everything which was talked about was very important. 
  • I gained new ideas about how to manage negotiations with customers, overcome objections and how to increase the opportunity of getting the desired result from the customer.
  • I work in telephone sales and the provided suggestions gave good results. Results improved for everyone in the group. 
  • Pāvels – a ball of energy, an idea genius. He transformed everything difficult into the simple, always made you think about things which hadn’t come to mind. He teaches in a way which is not just pleasant, but which also remains and works! It helped in my career development, as well as for achieving results in a better way, faster and more productively. The ideas were useful not just in everyday work, but also outside of work.  
  • It’s a real advantage that Pāvels works in sales every day. It’s not just the theory that we’ve become used to hearing at training, or reading in books. It is a true sharing of his own personal experience.
  • For me personally, Fight Club has really helped in both my work and my private life. Now selling and argumentation is like a way of life. If a customer agrees immediately, it almost becomes boring.

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