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The world around us is changing irreversibly. One set of changes has not yet finished when the next is already starting, and the speed is just increasing. It is affecting all areas of life. What can we expect? How do we get oriented? What do these changes ask of us as people and professionals?

In this practical, interactive course we will be discussing how to be, feel, and act in this new world. We will discuss how roles, relationships and thinking have changed. What are the competencies and tools that people need to realize their professional and human potential to the maximum? The course is also about what facilitates (or restricts) our energy level, individual well-being and happiness.

We invite you to get to know and try a systemic approach based on research, which looks at our individual well-being in 6 mutually connected dimensions – physical, emotional, thinking, competency, relationship and meaning!

Goal: To assist in gaining a better understanding of one’s needs and character potential, and to learn to care about things which help in living a more conscious, comprehensive, more a balanced and happier life.

Format of work: Short lectures, discussions, examples and case studies, practical assignments and exercises.


1. What is emotional well-being and what are its six dimensions? How can we feel good and live in a world full of stress and change?

2. What is happening to our bodies?
What does our body tell us about our needs?
How does our body influence our presence in the work environment and how should we take care of it?

3. How do we listen to and understand our emotions?
How do we understand and manage them?
What helps us live more happily?

4. What is our thinking like?
How do we perceive and interpret events in the world around us?
How can this be changed?
How can we control our internal critic?
How can we overcome crises and find new perspectives by changing our thinking and way of interpretation?

5. What and why do we learn?
How knowingly do we do this?
What do we really apply in our lives and work from what we learn? How can we start applying it?
What motivates us to develop, and what types of knowledge and skills do we need?

6. How can we create and maintain various level relationships?
What do professional relationships mean, and what do personal ones mean?
What are our relationship strategies? Are friendliness and productive work relationships one and the same thing?
How do we understand and evaluate other people and what sorts of strategies should we apply in our communication with them?

7. What is the point of our life and work?
What are our goals?
How do we develop meaning and find our goals?
How do we maintain the feeling of meaning when we cannot see clear achievements for an extended period?
What inspires us?

Venue: TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts, coffee breaks and lunch.

For company training, the programme can be adapted for the specifics and needs of the company.

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