Presentation – Rise to the Challenge (in English)

Speaking well is a challenge in any language – even more so if the language is not your native one. Whether you have an audience of one or a thousand, your ability to design and manage your messages will be a key factor in your success. 

Target audience: Top and middle-level managers, all those who need to be able to present and “sell ideas” in English.

The aim of the course: To develop skills in public speech and ability to justify one’s opinion in different audiences in English.

Gains: You will significantly improve your ability to design and deliver a persuasive message in English.

Duration: 2 days, 12 hours


1. The architecture of presentation: How to sell your ideas:

  • Lecture: the reasons for speaking: what effect goals and the target audience have on the structure of the presentation;
  • How to start and finish – and how not to;
  • Practical work: how to create attractive reports. Formula for creating reports on the offers of or solutions by your business;
  • Practical work: brief presentation by the participants on a theme important to them;
  • How to develop your main message briefly and to the point;
  • How to stir the audience;
  • Practical training: participants present their arguments.

2. Selling an idea during a conversation with one or several partners:

  • Brief lecture: decisive factors of success: visual, vocal, and verbal (with an emphasis on the visual);
  • Participants come with their homework done: key points of the conversation;
  • Practical work: improvement of key points;
  • What is the hook? What makes the listener remember you? How to find quotes and similes?
  • Video training: practice session: conversation modelling; corrections by teacher.

3. Selling your idea to a large audience:

  • Exercises for posture, voice, and diction; for stress reduction;
  • Participants come with homework: first three minutes of addressing a large audience;
  • Arguments are sharpened;
  • Intensive video training: presentation.

4. Special challenges – PowerPoint and difficult questions:

  • Lecture on PowerPoint presentations: successes and failures;
  • Changes in participants' PowerPoint presentations, based on the formulae of rhetoric;
  • Video training: PowerPoint – how to speak effectively using PowerPoint;
  • Lecture on techniques to be used when the audience asks difficult questions;
  • Video training: hot chair – participants are trained to spontaneously use convincing arguments.

5. Summary. Participant receives printed material and a personal video recording.

 TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts, coffee breaks and lunch.

This course can be organized as corporate training, adapting the programme to the specific needs of your business.

  • Main conclusions from the training or 3 things you will definitely use from now on:

    • Body language, structured content, exercises.
    • Correct body language. Structure of talk. Answers to difficult questions.
    • Exercises. Thinking before answering questions without any rush. Use of PP.
    • Before the presentation, warm up physically and prepare for talk; pay attention to body language, speaking volume, and eye contact. 
    • Individual advice of the teacher. Body language – an important part of the talk. Hooking the audience.
    • Body language is of crucial importance. Before the presentation, prepare carefully. It is possible to fight and overcame the fear of presentation. 
    • Structure of presentation. Body language. Training.
    • Self-control, exercises, experience of others.
    • Public is of principal importance. Less is more. Personal attitude.
    • Breathing, formulating the thought using "boxes"; continuing to perfect presentation skills.

    What did you like best in this seminar?

    • Practical exercises, smarting experience.
    • Lectures (rather than practical work).
    • I really enjoy trainers work -> process of learning. Thanks a lot!
    • Banuta’s attitude, approach, knowledge.. all about her :)
    • Body language skills, story-telling techniques. 
    • Banuta, Banuta and Banuta. She is an excellent coach. Thanks.
    • Discussions and practice.
    • Banuta’s experience and personality. 
    • Printouts and materials.

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