Learning and Coaching

We assist with the evaluation of learning needs and recommend the most suitable solutions for the development of competencies. We invite you to use the opportunity to attend open courses and workshops, to work with a coach individually 1:1, as well as organizing learning for teams, to gain new knowledge and skills together with colleagues and to facilitate cohesiveness and team spirit.

Leadership skills

A smart and strong leader who is able to involve and motivate employees and organize them for productive work, is a company’s key to success. Is the ability to be a leader innate or can it be learned?

We invite you to attend training courses and practical training for leaders at various levels to develop the most important management competences:

  • An effective leader’s ABC
  • Basics of finance for the manager
  • Staff selection. Evaluation interview
  • Communication and interaction. Influence and persuasion.
  • Involving and motivating employees
  • Providing motivational feedback
  • Staff evaluation and conducting discussions for growth
  • Organizing and managing a team’s work
  • A leader’s mental hygiene
  • Coaching Remote management of employees
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management


The goal of professional communication is to convince and achieve the desired result. Irrespective of whether the discussion is taking place in person, in writing, or in front of a TV camera, with one or many discussion partners or a large audience, a speaker’s achievement is determined by preparation and the ability to formulate and structure the message, self-confidence and the ability to quickly handle arguments.

We invite you to attend intensive practical training in the development of communication skills:

  • The art of argumentation and persuasion
  • Interview/discussion management (negotiating)
  • Convincing presentations
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Small talk. Social chat and creating business networks
  • Business correspondence
  • Business and business etiquette
  • Media training

Sales and Customer Services

To sell with excellence does not mean imposing oneself on another. Firstly, it means to understand how we can assist a customer, adding value to their business and improving their quality of life. The customer and their needs are always at the centre of professional sales.

A satisfied the customer is not only a source of income but also an important supplier of information about the company and the products or services that they provide.

We invite you to gain the skills which will help improve your customers’ satisfaction and provide valuable support for work with customers in varying situations, including complex ones.

  • Management of the sales process. Strategy and tactics
  • Sales negotiations. How to negotiate cleverly and gain more
  • Influence in sales. How to evaluate and convince your discussion partner
  • Active selling by telephone (telemarketing)

Development of personal resources

In today’s no-nonsense business environment, work results are ever more closely intertwined with the features of one’s personality. The ability to make effective decisions, plan one’s time and other resources responsibly, to develop working relationships with other people, be oriented towards development, and be understanding and aware of one’s personal resources are among the most in demand future competences for people/employees.

We invite you to attend training to expand your horizons, and help maintain a balance between your professional and personal dimension, as well as increase your ability to work productively in the long-term.

  • Planning time and work organization
  • Stress management. How to overcome professional burnout
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective interaction. Conflict resolution
  • Creative thinking. Creativity technology
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • Traps and mistakes in thinking

Project and process management

There are many different project definitions, but, irrespective of the field and level of complexity, there are three elements which are present in every project, determining whether the project goal has been reached successfully – quality, resources and time.

We invite you to gain knowledge about how to successfully plan and manage projects, and predict and avoid risks in a timely manner. You will develop practical tools in a concentrated way which will help you optimize and successfully organize your company’s internal and external processes so that resources are used the most productively and the best possible result is reached.

  • Project management ABC
  • Project planning and risk management
  • Process management
  • Optimizing the production process with TOC and LEAN
  • Effective supply chains with TOC and LEAN

Train the Trainer

People who teach adults need to have mastered very special skills and methods. We assist in the development of training courses and teaching aids, as well as preparing internal training for companies to conduct successful training courses.

Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of helping people develop their professional competencies in a focussed way. Specific development goals are proposed during the coaching process, and the person or team work on implementing the personal development goals with the support of the consultant.

Management consultations

Management consultations

We will help plan the company’s strategic development, implement changes and improve work efficiency and productivity.



We hold collaboration and team building events for companies, organize internal company conferences and events, as well as providing professional guest lecturers and motivational presenters for external conferences and events.

Evaluation and Development

Evaluation and Development

We undertake evaluation of competencies of managers and high-level specialists and diagnose the development needs of individuals and groups in line with business goals and organizational values.