Management consultations

We will help plan the company’s strategic development, implement changes and improve work efficiency and productivity through individual and group consultations. We offer solutions to those who implement changes in a focussed way, plan company development, increase and improve efficiency, and ensure that intended goals are reached. These consultations are also for those who need an equal and confidential discussion partner.

Strategic planning

Business management starts with planning. A management team’s common understanding of strategy, agreement on division of roles, everybody’s involvement, as well as clearly defined performance assessment criteria, are the foundation for excellent results.

Experienced moderators will help prepare, organize and lead a strategic planning session or meeting, allowing for more precise definition of company goals. They will evaluate efficiency, develop a precise and implementable action plan, as well as facilitate the management team’s constructive collaboration, enabling outstanding results while striving for the chosen goal.

Facilitating a company’s efficiency

A company’s operation is effective when management and employees have a joint understanding of goals and the processes and performance which support them. This understanding results in precise actions, with a continual awareness of priorities when everyday situations change, with appropriate reactions to them.

We undertake a diagnosis of a company’s efficiency, developing systemic and individual solutions, implementing measures for improvement, and assisting in the evaluation of changes, while providing recommendations for future independent work.

Change management

Management and employees need to change their habits and participate in the implementation of new processes for changes to take place within a company. Unfortunately, practice reveals that hoped-for change processes are not always implemented or attain the expected result. Sometimes changes do not take place in organizations despite the resources invested.

During the period of learning and consultations, we help you to understand the required activities which must be undertaken for changes to take place; how to involve employees and get their support; what has to be done, and what the person who leads this process has to be like – a change leader. We also organize activities which help employees accept changes more easily.

Process management

Irrespective of the type of activities, every company has its “production” and “supply chain processes”. With the development of technology, a company’s main competitive tool is the capacity to effectively organize internal processes, positively changing the results of the company’s activities, discovering opportunities and unused reserves and improving the efficiency of production and the speed of supply.

We undertake a diagnosis of a company’s processes, develop solutions and implement measures for improvements – we assist in evaluating results and offer recommendations for independent future work.

Learning and Coaching

Learning and Coaching

We assist with the evaluation of learning needs and recommend the most suitable solutions for the development of competencies.



We hold collaboration and team building events for companies, organize internal company conferences and events, as well as providing professional guest lecturers and motivational presenters for external conferences and events.

Evaluation and Development

Evaluation and Development

We undertake evaluation of competencies of managers and high-level specialists and diagnose the development needs of individuals and groups in line with business goals and organizational values.