Edmunds Apsalons

Edmunds Apsalons


Consultant and presenter in the interpersonal communications field with more than 15 years of practical experience in adult education.

Edmunds’ experience is mainly associated with the internal and external communication of organizations, and the creation and management of sales organizations. Prior to starting his business, he managed sales departments in various media companies for 15 years, concluding his career as a paid employee in the position of Director of Development at AS Diena.

He is the author of several publications in the Latvian, German, English and Arabian languages. He is the author of books like Logic of Language Use, Communication Competence: How to Converse and Create Relationships and Constructive Communication. The skill of creating dialogue.

Has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS since 2023. Consults and presents training on topics like interpersonal communication, sales management, constructive thinking and decision making, in the Latvian language. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Bremen;
  • Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Latvia.

Professional development:

  • Owner of SIA Occam Consulting;
  • Director of Development at AS Diena;
  • Senior expert at the National Centre for Education;
  • Associate professor at the Latvian Academy of Culture.