Inta Urbanoviča

Inta Urbanoviča

Dr. philol

Latvian language and business communication etiquette expert and presenter with almost 20 years of experience.

She attained her academic degree as a Doctor of Philology in Latvian Synchronic Linguistics at the University of Latvia. Currently, she is a lecturer and docent at the U of L Faculty of Humanities and at the RSU Language Centre. She has presented lectures at the University of Helsinki in Finland, at the Westphalian Wilhelm University in Germany, at Prague’s Charles University in the Czech Republic and at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. She has contributed to the development of a Latvian language teaching, and teachers’ book, for Years 11 and 12.

Has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS since 2017. Presents courses in Latvian language culture, business communication etiquette and punctuation in Latvian literary language, and in the writing of documents.

What did you like best in the training conducted by Inta?

  • The presenter was able to explain problems in the use of language in simple language. (Business Communication with Customers Corporate Course)
  • The topic was presented in a very interesting way. I enjoyed the use of examples from incidents in real life. (Business Language and Current Issues in Creating Text Public Course)
  • A knowledgeable presenter and many direct practical examples. (Business Communication with Customers Corporate Course)

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