Krista Vāvere

Krista Vāvere

Media, communications, presentation skills, and speech trainer, consultant, and journalist with practical experience of over 25 years.

Facilitates presentation skills trainings, communication skills trainings, and media trainings. 


  • Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Latvia;

  • Added to her knowledge in Italy (ZeLIG School of Documentary, Television, and New Media) and in Denmark (Baltic Media Centre). 

Professional experience:

  • Author and scriptwriter, also for documentaries at the production company Hansa Media;
  • Scriptwriter, creative director, and journalist at the production company Labvakar;
  • Hosted TV broadcasts at Latvijas Televīzija. 


  • A very valuable experience. I have a direction in which to go and develop and now I will really prepare for public presentations much harder and in a more serious way. (Corporate course "How to Shine in the Media")
  • Krista’s ability to prepare even beginners, so that they have enough confidence to stand in front of the camera! (Corporate course "Media Training")
  • I was really surprised at how much could be gained in 2 days, how one’s view and ideas about a person could change just from watching them speak. (Open course "Presentation – Rise to the Challenge ©"
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