Pauls Irbins

Pauls Irbins

Internationally certified TOC (Theory of Constraints) consultant on issues relating to the optimization of production, supply chains and sales. More than 25 years’ experience consulting to European, US, Malaysian, Japanese and Indian companies. An expert on the commercialization of space technology. Social entrepreneur.  

Pauls has been collaborating with TRIVIUMS since 2008. He conducts trainings "Supply Chain Optimization with TOC", "Optimizing the Production Process with TOC and LEAN" and "Innovation and Creative Thinking" in Latvian, English and Russian.


  • PhD student in the Transport programme at the Rīga Technical University’s Institute of Aeronautics (AERTI);
  • Goldratt School, TOCICO (TOC International Certification Organization) sertificēts "TOC Application Expert"
  • MA in economy from the University of Latvia;

Professional development:

  • Founder and director of the ZINOO Children’s Science Centre;

  • President of the Latvian Space Industry Association;
  • Creator of the Space Innovation Centre in Cēsis;
  • Mentor and consultant at the Green Technology Incubator;
  • Deputy Director and business partner at GRANDEG;
  • International Relation Manager at Sāga;
  • Deputy Director at Tulkošanas un Terminoloģijas Centrs [Translation and Terminology Centre];
  • Export Manager at Laima;
  • Manager of the Marketing Department at BKD Nassau;
  • Deputy President of Valpro Corporation;
  • President and one of the founders of AIESEC in Latvia;
  • Developed and presented the Business Creativity programme at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

What did you like best in the training conducted by Pauls?

  • The training course has provided the direction in which to go and develop. (Corporate course "Optimization of the Manufacturing Process with TOC")
  • I like the fact that the participants arrived at the result themselves, thinking and getting involved in discussions. (Corporate course "The Development of New Products and Optimization of Project Management. The Development of an Optimization and Inovation Culture")
  • There were a lot of references to research, interesting facts, parallels with other fields in the narrative. (Corporate course "Innovations and Creativity")