• Agija Romaņenko

    Agija Romaņenko

    Chairperson of the Board


    Education: B.A. in philosophy; M.A. in Social Sciences, University of Latvia. 

    Agija is able to listen, encouraging others to develop and be unafraid of trying new things. Solid and rational with an ability to maintain calm and achieve set goals.  With her own style, which is always cutting edge, but individual.

    "People, with whom we do things together, achieving and implementing our set goals, are the most important. As well as CALM, and confidence in oneself and what has to be achieved”.

  • Kristīne Kanska

    Kristīne Kanska

    Business Development Manager

    29 247 411


    Education – MBA at BA School of Business and Finance

    Kristine is a proactive, responsible, and dynamic personality with an analytical mindset and creative spirit. Team player. Highly values mutual trust and passion in achieving common goals.

    “I’m proud to be at TRIVIUMS for a long time, profoundly and deversily. At work, I enjoy the privilege of continuous improvement and the opportunity to delve into clients' challenges and participate in the meaningful implementation of their ambitious plans".

  • Kristīne Jakovļeva

    Kristīne Jakovļeva

    Project Director

    20 068 732


    Education, LAC - Bachelor of Arts; LULST - Masters degree in Project Management.

    ''I get satisfaction from projects where even oneperson gets to learn something new, useful or interesting. As well as moments where anyoneinvolved in a project feel satisfied with what they have accomplished or invested. I am in the TRIVIUMS team because we have similar professional values – quality, growth and the conviction that there is strength in the team. I am honoured to be a part of this professional, good-natured and humane team.''

  • Linda Zālīte

    Linda Zālīte

    Project Director

    29 728 824


  • Aija Muižniece

    Aija Muižniece

    Office Director

    26 535 231


    Education: Professional education in economics.

    Everybody at TRIVIUMS can attest to the fact that Aija is irreplaceable. Her internal peace is like a magnet, attracting and overcoming others. She has the ability to organize dozens of matters, people and events simultaneously. Aija has the admirable and rarely encountered ability to care for details, while also remembering the big picture.

    "Work is satisfying if people benefit from it. I do not teach courses, but I make the process possible. There are occasional mistakes and it is not possible to be 100% perfect, but the main thing is to try to prevent or solve them in a timely manner. My greatest joy is to work with enthusiastic and creative people."

  • Inita Everse

    Inita Everse

    Marketing Project Manager

    67 282 219


    Inita is a doer. She likes to take part in sorting out matters and the environment around her. She does fine and detailed research before she reveals her solution, but then, it is usually also realistic and sensible. She is convinced that practice is the best teacher, which is why she is not afraid of trying something out and experimenting. She is an encouraging, supportive and positive colleague who enjoys the work process and communicating with talented and inspiring people.

    "TRIVIUMS is the place to be! I stand for quality, openness, development and humanness. I have received all this and even more at TRIVIUMS. I am proud to be a part of this powerful team."