• Agija Romaņenko

    Agija Romaņenko

    Chairperson of the Board


    Education: B.A. in philosophy; M.A. in Social Sciences, University of Latvia. 

    Agija is not afraid of dreaming and inspiring others to reach great goals. She perceives and has the ability to analyse a person’s resources, encouraging their development.  She also has the conviction shared by outstanding leaders, that people not only have to be able to work hard, but also to enjoy themselves. 

    "It is always important to keep the sense, goal and results of what you are doing, but the main thing are the people together with whom all of that can be achieved and accomplished."

  • Inese Kuka

    Inese Kuka

    Member of the Board


    Education: M.A. in philosophy, University of Latvia.

    Inese is certain that TRIVIUMS is collaborating with the very best presenters and the smartest customers. She admires and values other people’s talent. Her striving for perfection is balanced by good humour. Inese enthusiastically enjoys the process, which is also catching. 

    "TRIVIUMS has always been based on joy and enthusiasm: I think it is obvious in anything we undertake. To me it means finding like-minded people and continuous amazement at how endless our possibilities are."

  • Elita Locāne

    Elita Locāne

    Project Director

    28 891 889


    Education: B.A. in German, University of Latvia; M.A. in personnel management, RSEBAA.

    Elita is able to find something positive in every situation and to find a rational solution to any problem. In her work with clients, she always looks for complex solutions aimed at results and development.

    "TRIVIUMS  is the environment where I live, learn and grow every day, owing to colleagues, clients and partners."

  • Kristīne Kanska

    Kristīne Kanska

    Project Director

    29 247 411


    Education: MBA, Banking College.

    Kristīne's cheerfulness and creative spirit makes her a wonderful colleague and collaboration partner to clients. She strives for perfection in everything and inspires others to do the same. 

    "We are made to do good work. TRIVIUMS values match my own personal ones. Here I have an environment where I get satisfaction for what I do for others, believing at the same time that it could be a way to fulfil my own dreams."

  • Aija Ķimene

    Aija Ķimene

    Office Director

    26 535 231


    Education: Professional education in economics.

    Everybody at TRIVIUMS can attest to the fact that Aija is irreplaceable. Her internal peace is like a magnet, attracting and overcoming others. She has the ability to organize dozens of matters, people and events simultaneously. Aija has the admirable and rarely encountered ability to care for details, while also remembering the big picture.

    "Work is satisfying if people benefit from it. I do not teach courses, but I make the process possible. There are occasional mistakes and it is not possible to be 100% perfect, but the main thing is to try to prevent or solve them in a timely manner. My greatest joy is to work with enthusiastic and creative people."