Professional Burnout can Affect You as Well!

Professional Burnout can Affect You as Well!

Professional burnout can affect you as well!

! 45% of employees in Latvia suffer from stress at the workplace and consider that employers do not focus sufficient attention on solving issues related to stress!

! 40% of people work more than 40 hours per week!

! An employee who is not stress-affected costs an employer 50 % less!

Burnout syndrome - a condition of physical and emotional exhaustion which arises from working for prolonged periods in conditions of emotional tension. In the worst stages, burnout could be called "death whilst living". 

Very often, this is not even noticed by the employer or even the employee, as the symptoms showing evidence of burnout are unknown. The list of symptoms is quite long and they can be both physical and emotional. In addition to this, people are unaware of the fact that they are burning out and often keep pushing themselves “beyond their boundaries” with motivational texts like - “this is only for the short term, it is not that bad, it will all pass and be good again”.

If this is not attended to promptly and if the burnout period drags on, the renewal of internal resources will require a longer period with possibly longer absences from work. Greater financial investment will also be required to improve wellbeing again as well.  

We invite you to gain the skill of recognizing burnout signals in your employees and to care for them. Obtain answers and practical knowledge on: 

  • How you can determine whether you or someone close to you has burnout syndrome.
  • How can you support a burnt-out colleague without doing yourself harm?
  • What is it in working conditions that facilitates burnout?
  • Working from home and the impact of the pandemic – additional risks
  • Personal skills to help yourself
  • A manager's skills for helping employees

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