5 questions for Ilze Rassa

5 questions for Ilze Rassa

1. What are you?

Introverted communications’ architect and personal brand expert, who, over time, has learned how to operate effectively in an extroverted world.

2. A book that you would recommend others to read – why??

“Louder Than Words”/ Joe Navarro with Toni Sciarra Poynter.

Creating an impression, developing special connections, passing on a message, not just verbally or through written text, but also non-verbal communication, are at the foundation of personal branding. It is especially important at a time of remote work, as well as in on-site communication, when faces are covered by masks. Our skills are associated mainly with reading signals from the face. But in these times, this is restricted, which is why this book is a good foundation and beginning for the cultivation of non-verbal communication skills, revealing new opportunities for how to develop relationships, developing a first impression and also strengthening a brand.

3. TEDx talk, which you recommend watching – why?

Who's Teaching Us to Read and Write Visuals?/ David Hooker 

We are living in a visual era. Photographs, illustrations, drawings, icons, video materials, graffiti etc. are all around us. It is much easier to pass on a message with visual material at a time when everyone is running around with their fingers scrolling news, followed by other news, down their screens. Maintaining attention has become the challenge of the 21st century. This talk by David Hooker about visual literacy is also captivating in the context of the discussion within society about the value of modern art, its comprehension and evaluation.

4. What inspires you and gives you energy?

Both the opportunity, as well as the ability, to assist others and to grow and develop along with them. I'm inspired by people with whom I can share impressions, knowledge, values and dreams.

5. Why are you interested in personal branding?

In communication, everything starts with the development of relationships. Everyone develops an image and a reputation as a result of the development of relationships. One cannot avoid or escape this, but this can be influenced. Personal branding is one of the ways in which to manage one's reputation, as well as to find out about oneself – one’s interests, needs, strengths, and difference from others, to find out and determine one's value.

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