Evaluation and Development

We undertake evaluation of competencies of managers and high-level specialists and diagnose the development needs of individuals and groups in line with business goals and organizational values.

By evaluating strengths and development needs, you will be able to utilize the potential of your managers much more accurately, manage career planning, as well as defining investment in development.

Competency Evaluation and Development Centres

This is an internationally authorized methodology which provides individualized, in-depth and high-quality evaluation of the strengths, potential and development needs of a manager.

Various methods are combined in the competency evaluation and development centres, such as games and personality tests, role plays, business case or situation simulation tasks, competency interviews, motivation interviews and others.

Benefits for the organization:

  • Objective, comparable information about the existing competency level of managers.
  • Accurately defined development needs of managers.
  • A base for impending development steps and the required investment in planning.
  • An opportunity to identify talent, make more effective use of a manager’s potential, and career development.
  • An opportunity to implement company values and leadership standards.
  • Greater involvement and motivation from the manager being evaluated, increased efficiency and capacity.

Individual benefits:

  • Immediate expert feedback on one’s strengths and areas to be developed.
  • Greater mindfulness, understanding of one’s potential.
  • Clarity about current development zones/an individual development plan.
  • Greater involvement and higher motivation for development.

360-Degree Evaluation for Managers and the Management Team

The 360-degree method is an evaluation of the competencies of managers with the assistance of a specially developed survey, where the manager is evaluated by his/her direct manager, subordinates, colleagues and the manager him/herself.

The survey is undertaken online, adapting the survey’s questions to the specific needs of the organization and the competencies model (if such has been created).

From the results of the survey, structured and diverse feedback from various perspectives is obtained. This helps in creating an objective understanding of the manager’s individual, as well as the management team’s strengths and areas to be developed. It can serve as a foundation for the creation of a development plan and for systemic improvements.

Benefits for the organization:

  • The existing competencies level is defined for each manager individually and the management team as a whole.
  • Development goals and needs are defined.
  • An objective and structured foundation for the creation of individual and group development plans.

Individual benefits:

  • An opportunity to compare one’s self-evaluation with various group evaluations
  • Independent and professional expert feedback and an objective and unbiased view about one’s strengths/areas to be developed, critical aspects
  • Clarity about development goals and current development zones
  • Higher involvement and motivation

Candidate Selection Tests

We offer international high-quality, scientifically developed psychometric instruments for the selection of candidates – ability, personality and motivation Cut-e tests.

  • Ability tests reveal various perspectives of a candidate's intellectual ability – how a candidate processes and evaluates numerical and verbal information, how productively they are able to process complicated information in stressful conditions, learning ability, logical thinking ability, creativity and the ability to remember.
  • The results of a personality test reveal a candidate’s strong competencies and risk factors in completing potential work duties.
  • Motivation tests reveal what aspects in the working environment, relationships and duties affect a candidate's motivation in a positive or negative way.

The tests are conducted on-line and a candidate can select a suitable time and language for the test.

Structured information is obtained after the completion of a test which helps to develop an objective and deep understanding about a candidate’s suitability for a vacancy.

Benefits to an organization:

  • Objective and easily comparable information about candidates.
  • An opportunity to find tests which are suitable to the specifics of a particular position.
  • High quality interpretation and feedback from an expert.
  • A foundation for the successful integration of an employee.
  • Does not require the investment of a lot of time.

Benefits to the individual:

  • Written feedback about test results.
  • A greater awareness – understanding about one's potential.
Management consultations

Management consultations

We will help plan the company’s strategic development, implement changes and improve work efficiency and productivity.

Learning and Coaching

Learning and Coaching

We assist with the evaluation of learning needs and recommend the most suitable solutions for the development of competencies.



We hold collaboration and team building events for companies, organize internal company conferences and events, as well as providing professional guest lecturers and motivational presenters for external conferences and events.