We hold collaboration and team building events for companies, organize internal company conferences and events, as well as providing professional guest lecturers and motivational presenters for external conferences and events.

Team training

A unified and productive team is one with clear goals, a common understanding of values, an ability to make decisions, has mutual respect and trust, enjoys interacting and has a powerful story. Joint challenges and working in unusual situations unleashes a team’s creative potential and energy, encouraging collaboration and loyalty.

We invite you to join us in the experience of improvisational theatre, playing African drums, making a film together, Latiņ American dancing and other captivating team building events!

Conferences, event management

Irrespective of the reason for a company’s employees or customers coming together – for informing them about a new process, an annual get-together, joint training or a celebration – captivatingly presented content and perfect organization guarantee an event’s success.

We assist in organizing internal company conferences and events – we develop an attractive scenario, bring in professional moderators and guest lecturers and take care of organizational solutions.

Motivational lectures

Our presenters are not only people with knowledge about the latest in their field, but also strong personalities.

Stories about experiences or short lectures will provide concentrated knowledge about important issues, will inspire and make people view everyday work challenges from a different perspective.

Management consultations

Management consultations

We will help plan the company’s strategic development, implement changes and improve work efficiency and productivity.

Learning and Coaching

Learning and Coaching

We assist with the evaluation of learning needs and recommend the most suitable solutions for the development of competencies.

Evaluation and Development

Evaluation and Development

We undertake evaluation of competencies of managers and high-level specialists and diagnose the development needs of individuals and groups in line with business goals and organizational values.